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Why Videos Mean Visibility for Your Business

Updated: Feb 22

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has been blunt about his platform becoming “mostly video” for years.

There has even been talk about Facebook becoming “all video” at some point.

The social media outlet uses algorithms to bring people the content they see. Given the push for video, which types of posts do you think will be granted more visibility?

You guessed it: video.

If you’ve spent any time on Facebook, you’ve likely noticed a lot of video content. It not only comes from the pages and people you follow, but it’s also impossible to escape sponsored posts.

But wait, aren’t younger people using Instagram?

Very much so. And Instagram is owned by…. Anyone? Anyone? Facebook.

Many of the videos that those in Generation Z (people born from the mid-1990s to the early 2000s) are viewing are seen on Instagram, among other places. No matter where they’re finding them, members of that generation watch an average of about 70 videos per day across multiple platforms, including Twitter, Snapchat and plenty of others.

And of course there’s YouTube, which is all video.

YouTube’s owner? That would be Google, the authority in online search.

Which video sharing platform do you think Google prefers? I think you get it.

Nielsen data says that over half of 18- to 49-year-olds do not subscribe to television services or they barely watch TV, however, over 90 percent of them watch videos on YouTube.

That says something about where video advertisements perform well.

All of these platforms take notice to the videos we watch, giving us recommended or similar videos.

So if your competitors are popping up in recommendations because they have video content and you don’t, where does that leave you?

It’s safe to say that video isn’t going anywhere, including in marketing.

According to Forbes, video content rises by 100 percent annually as far as mobile consumption is concerned. Plus, 51.9 percent of marketing experts agree that video offers the best return on investment.

Okay, enough statistics. Boring.

It’s simple: the digital landscape is all about video. The demand is there from the platforms where video is housed and it’s there from the people using them.

At the end of the day, marketing has always been a game of “hey, look at me!” Well, think about it, what makes you stop and look? Would you rather read a bunch of text?

Perhaps a better question is this: are you giving people a reason to stop and look?

And perhaps an even better question than that is this: are you giving people something to stop and look at in a place you know their eyes will already be?

Think about your journey to this post. Did you find it on Facebook? Twitter? How many visuals did you see on your way? It doesn’t really matter what the answers are, but odds are you didn’t start looking at your phone, tablet or computer screen with the sole purpose of viewing this page.

Everyone’s eyes are focused on screens. Your content needs to be on those screens.

That’s not to say you should stop putting ads in the paper, running TV spots, using billboards or whatever else you do for your business. But can you truly measure how many views those get?

With online video, you know your exact number of views. And with the right tools, you can learn a lot more, like where in the world those views are coming from, how old the people watching are, and much more.

Video is also extremely versatile in both the messages you can share and the stylistic choices you can make. As a means of communication, it’s anything but one-dimensional. In the digitally-driven world we live in, the visibility of your business shouldn’t be one-dimensional either.

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