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Let's Uproot Politics

It’s a Presidential election year, and that means one thing: political ads. For those working in political campaigns looking for a video production company to meet your candidates’ needs, we would like to suggest Uproot Creative Services.

While Uproot, officially, is new to the political game, its founders have worked in the space for the last decade.

Kevin Hillman, one of the company’s co-founders and the author of this blog, began his media career at PCN, the Pennsylvania Cable Network, covering the 2012 election race between Governor Mitt Romney and President Barack Obama.

Kevin quickly moved into local news, meeting Colin Powell in 2013, at CBS 21 News in Harrisburg. As news photographers, Colin and Kevin have covered local, state-wide, and national elections, including coverage of the Trump and Clinton campaigns in 2016.

In 2016, Kevin began working at ABC 27 and was quickly paired up with local political reporter Dennis Owens for numerous political feature pieces.

Kevin and Colin’s careers diverged in the early years of Uproot as they sought to add new skills and experiences to their resumes. Colin took a role as a Commercials Manager at CBS 21, running the creative end of advertisements for the station. He gained experience working with clients of all backgrounds, including businesses large and small, and saw the impact that local advertising had for them.

Kevin moved into a position with the Pennsylvania State House of Representatives, working directly with the Representatives both in their districts and in Harrisburg, to create content for them on social media. Kevin took a direct approach with his videos, asking the Representatives to speak directly to their constituents and speak in an honest and accessible voice.

The Founders’ direct experiences with commercials, politics, local news, and social media content has given them unique perspectives on how to move forward with political advertising.

So what will you get with Uproot Creative Services?


Uproot is a company with “creative” in its name. With our political work, we promise to make your videos stand out from the overwhelming amount of content out there. It starts with unique scripting, like we did with our Auto Theft Prevention campaign.

Our creativity continues with flourishes, sound effects, visual cues, animated graphics, and exciting music.

An Eye for Social Media

Colin and Kevin are among the first generation of business owners who grew up alongside social media platforms. From the days of MySpace surveys to the looping, hypercut videos of TikTok, we’ve seen it all. What we’ve learned is that social media is ever-changing and more fractured than ever. Creating a video for broadcast is different than for YouTube, is different than for Facebook, is different than for Instagram, is different than for TikTok. Political ads have to adapt to that changing reality. That means making the same video in different ways for different formats and for different audiences. The message can and should stay the same but the delivery needs to change.

Uproot is uniquely qualified for this task, having worked in all aspects of video production for the last twelve years.


Did we mention that Kevin is a political junkie? Working at the Pennsylvania Capitol was something of a dream job for the man who grew up watching The Daily Show. Kevin’s house is lined with books about Presidents, politics, history, the evolution of the Constitution, social justice issues, and effective government planning. He’s also a big fan of documentaries and is open to any recommendations.


Lastly, Uproot brings its fast-paced work style from years in news production. We understand that politics moves at the speed of light. Instant isn’t just a buzzword. It needs to be a way of thinking when it comes to social content. We know when it’s time to set up lights and create a picture-perfect production and when it’s OK for your candidate to send a cell phone video for us to shine up. This variety and style of work was the standard for Kevin during his time at the House of Representatives.

The political season is just starting to heat up. Uproot wants to be a part of it.

For more information on our pricing and availability, please reach out to us at or to me directly, at

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