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What Kind of Video Do You Need?

Updated: Mar 8

At Uproot Creative Services, we offer a range of video production services, and it can be overwhelming if this is your first time producing a video.

Our first question for you is this: is this video needed instantly, or do we have time to polish it up?

If you need an instant video, Uproot offers live streaming services, complete with all the technology needed to get your video online. We staff the crew, use multiple cameras, and produce and direct your stream in real time.

If you don’t need the video in real-time, but instead need it ready in time to be emailed with your press releases, Uproot offers day-of press release videos. We send one videographer to your location and use our experience in the news industry to edit together a B-Roll and sound package that’s made for broadcast.

We also offer several options for more highly-produced, long-term projects.

Branding videos are about your organization. These can be scripted or constructed with multiple interviews, and usually run about 3 minutes in length. This is where you get to tell potential customers or clients about who you are and what drives you.

Event videos are about covering that big moment. Constructed with multiple interviews and full of raw moments, this is the video you need to show off your big day to your followers or future sponsors.

Promos are about showcasing a specific benefit, exhibit, or service. These can be cut from longer videos or added on to our press release package and made for social media.

Commercials are 15-30 second advertisements made for broadcast. This also includes public service announcements and are more heavily scripted.

Social media videos can be anything! any of the videos we provide can be converted to social, but we usually recommend changing up the format to be under one minute and more cell phone-friendly.

We also offer internal marketing videos and educational videos. These are usually scripted, talking head videos cut with graphics and B-Roll.

At Uproot Creative Services, we’re willing to work on anything, from music videos to weddings to documentaries to fully animated explainer videos.

If you have any further questions or you’re interested in hiring us for any future videos, please reach out to us at

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