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Why Our Video Business Makes Short Films

Updated: Feb 22

When people hear “Uproot,” we hope they think of two things: video production, and short films.

But you may wonder why we, as a for-profit business, want to be known for making films that don't make a dime.

It's how we got started

To begin with, Uproot Creative Services wouldn't exist if not for Harrisburg’s growing filmmaking community and its patron saint, the non-profit Vidjam. Sam Miller began his venture in 2015 and challenged Harrisburgers to create a short film in 48 hours. Colin Powell and me (Kevin Hillman) teamed up for the first time, along with Ashleigh Pollart, to create “Coffee,” a simple meditation on asking someone for a date.

Our teamwork and Colin's investment in filmmaking equipment made us determined to use our skills for others.

Uproot has participated in almost every Vidjam competition since and it continues to serve as an inspiration for us as we grow.

It makes us better at our craft

It's said that you can learn something from every experience. In our time as filmmakers, we've learned innumerable tricks and tips for a quicker workflow, stronger shot compositions, and better storytelling that we've been able to apply to our videos for multiple clients.

Storytelling is storytelling

This is even more true when working on scripted and commercial videos. The most basic elements of storytelling are universal whether you're making a film or a promo. Good stories need compelling characters, a theme, and a beginning, middle, and end. Whether Drake is looking for a solution to his girlfriend problems, or is looking for fresh, farm to table food and locally-crafted beer, the videos we present should take you on that journey.

We get to be part of the larger filmmaking community

We continue to contribute to Vidjam, and when we are able, attend Vidjam's local filmmakers meetups. Since their creation, the central Pennsylvania film community has grown exponentially, with a lot of familiar faces returning to the 48 hour competitions for each installment. What was once a nascent movement has expanded, and Uproot is incredibly proud to be a part of it.

It builds our brand

Importantly, Uproot has grown as well since 2015 from an idea to an LLC and beyond. Now, when the Uproot logo appears on a film at the Midtown Cinema, attendees know they will get quality. We’ve had runaway successes like “She Swiped Bite,” which has been and rewatched by hundreds, and has built us up from the “Coffee” guys to the “Vampire Company.”

We are more than happy with that.

People come for the vampires but they stay for the Portraits, the documentaries, and the in-depth looks at local businesses from Zeroday Brewing Co. to Vegetable Hunter. Regardless of the video, viewers know they will get quality filmmaking and quality, honest, storytelling. It is our hope as a business that you, the viewer, remembers us the next time you are hosting a large event or looking to try out a new digital strategy. You know that Uproot will give you quality, honest, filmmaking.

We just like it

Perhaps more than anything, we simply like to do this. Making movies is fun and it's been the dream of ours for a long time.

Thanks to Vidjam and Uproot’s supporters, we've been able to tell stories about serious life events, reconciliation and connection, and vampires and aliens.

We are proud of what filmmaking has done for our company and for our lives and we look forward to making more for your entertainment. Just please don't forget us the next time you need someone reliable to help with your video work.

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